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There’s just something about Paul Perry’s ’77 Ford Bronco; it radiates a special aura. Part of that is the reflection of the traits it borrows from Paul himself. It doesn’t feel like you’re looking at some random late-1970s Bronco. It seems to be holding time within its sheetmetal. Rust, the passage…
9 hours ago · From admin
The Jeep was marketed as a utilitarian vehicle when it hit civilian soil after World War II. With things like auxiliary power take-off equipment available, Jeeps were truly capable of just about anything. On the battlefield and in the farmer’s field, the Jeep proved itself time and time again. As if…
7 days ago · From admin
Riding in the passenger seat of Chet Kokkeler’s white LS-powered JKU as it effortlessly climbed over boulders on a rugged trail high in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, it was hard to imagine that 15 months earlier, this agile, powerful Jeep was nothing more than a stripped tub sitting on a bare frame in…
8 days ago · From admin
Rolling into the throttle of the ’20 Chevrolet 3500HD Crew Cab 4×4 dualie and feeling the power from the 6.6L Duramax diesel as it gets a 15-ton equipment trailer up to speed was a unique experience for us. It’s the heaviest trailer we’ve pulled with a GM pickup, and it consisted of a John Deere
14 days ago · From admin
The last time Chevrolet offered a straight-six engine was in the ’08 Trailblazer. That fuel-injected 4.2L gas-burner made 273 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque, with a combined EPA fuel economy rating of 16 mpg on the 4WD model. The inline-six was impressive, winning numerous awards for its innovations. Bu…
30.08.2019 · From admin
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96 Bronco exceptional condition everything functions perfectly, no issues! Recently completely refurbished bearings, brakes, rear end, AC, steering parts, driveshaft, gaskets, plugs, LED bulbs, window…
02.11.2017 · From 4x4junction
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We got Pebbles as a Pup about 13 years ago.  She used to be a handful but has slowed down over the years. She'll play with Yogi daily for a short while so she's still got a little gas left in the 'ol …
Female, 14 years old
Dec 05, 2017 · Owned by meljaxx
Yogi is a rescue doggy.  He was only a few weeks old and someone had dropped him off in a new subdivision. We brought him home and made him a part of the family!
Male, 3 years old
Nov 30, 2017 · Owned by meljaxx
Tilly is a who knows what she really is dog.
Dog Beagle
Female, 2 years old
Nov 17, 2017 · Owned by 4x4junction