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There’s just something about Paul Perry’s ’77 Ford Bronco; it radiates a special aura. Part of that is the reflection of the traits it borrows from Paul himself. It doesn’t feel like you’re looking at some random late-1970s Bronco. It seems to be holding time within its sheetmetal. Rust, the passage…
10 hours ago · From admin
The Jeep was marketed as a utilitarian vehicle when it hit civilian soil after World War II. With things like auxiliary power take-off equipment available, Jeeps were truly capable of just about anything. On the battlefield and in the farmer’s field, the Jeep proved itself time and time again. As if…
7 days ago · From admin
Riding in the passenger seat of Chet Kokkeler’s white LS-powered JKU as it effortlessly climbed over boulders on a rugged trail high in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, it was hard to imagine that 15 months earlier, this agile, powerful Jeep was nothing more than a stripped tub sitting on a bare frame in…
8 days ago · From admin
Rolling into the throttle of the ’20 Chevrolet 3500HD Crew Cab 4×4 dualie and feeling the power from the 6.6L Duramax diesel as it gets a 15-ton equipment trailer up to speed was a unique experience for us. It’s the heaviest trailer we’ve pulled with a GM pickup, and it consisted of a John Deere
14 days ago · From admin
The last time Chevrolet offered a straight-six engine was in the ’08 Trailblazer. That fuel-injected 4.2L gas-burner made 273 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque, with a combined EPA fuel economy rating of 16 mpg on the 4WD model. The inline-six was impressive, winning numerous awards for its innovations. Bu…
30.08.2019 · From admin
Sadly, our Early Bronco project has been languishing. That’s for a few reasons, and not all are worth going into during this tale of Bronco construction. The main reason for this rig resting idle is because of our personal indecision as it comes to what transmission to run in the Bronco. Generally w…
25.08.2019 · From admin
Typical car owners trade in their vehicle for a newer model, but not Brody Zink. After wheeling an XJ Cherokee for a few years, the Nevada firefighter set his sights on a full-size Jeep Wagoneer. “I saw this thing for sale on Facebook and went to check it out,” Brody recalls. “I made a deal
23.08.2019 · From admin
Keith Berkshire loves exploring in the desert, and he often brings his family along for camping in the wild. He owned a modified Jeep CJ-7 for years, but he’s had to get more creative when taking the entire family Jeeping. A few years back, Keith acquired this ’07 Wrangler and became the third owner…
20.08.2019 · From admin
Yes, it’s here. And yes, it’s all Jeep. Make no mistake—this is truly the most capable midsize truck produced in America. Those may be bold words, but as far as a 4×4 goes, only the Gladiator offers front and rear locking diffs and 4:1 transfer case gearing options, as well as the option to become
17.08.2019 · From admin
We’ve been driving our long-term ’18 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab ZR2 for a year. Now we can now look back on all the miles and hours engaged in piloting it over rocks, dirt roads, mud, gravel, sand, and even through some snow, from a more analytical viewpoint than in those early days of first getting
15.08.2019 · From admin
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