More Adventure Expo Coverage! Four Wheeler Adventure Expo is Here! Classic 4x4s and Overland Vehicles from the Four Wheeler Adventure Expo Rockcrawling Jeeps, Overland Jeeps, and All Jeeps in Between at the Adventure Expo The Four Wheeler Adventure Expo brought a slew of heavily outfitted vehicles to the Orange County Fair & Event Center in
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So, you bought a Ford Explorer for four-wheeling and overlanding. Now you’re wondering: Was that a really bad idea to decide to build one? Yes. Well, no. It’s not the vehicle that’s the problem here; it’s the lack of aftermarket parts, if you ask Al Maurine, whom we met on our 2019 Four Wheeler Over…
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The Moab Easter Jeep Safari is a bit of every recreational enthusiast 4×4 activity rolled into one awesome week. You can go off-roading on dozens of world-class 4×4 trails, poke around back roads in search of potential early Jeep projects and yard art, cruise the main drag through town on Highway 19…
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Tuffy Security Products now offers a pickup bed storage system for the Jeep Gladiator. The storage system includes two long compartments that fit along either side of the pickup bed. The boxes feature three separate lids with dividers, keeping adventure gear organized and out of the elements. The Tu…
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Four Wheeler’s 2020 SUV of the Year is the hard-core, weeklong shootout where we determine the best SUV by significant driving in sand and snow, up hills and across dunes, over jagged rocks, through water, and more. To test the 2020 models, we drove each SUV roughly 1,000 miles, mixing highway and t…
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When we first sat down and drafted a plan for our 2013 Ford F-150 Raptor project we knew from the get-go that an “overland” themed build was the way to go. The term “overland” gets thrown around a lot these days, and the best way we’ve heard it defined is as “self-reliant adventure travel.” It
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Any time we hear about a midsize truck making over 700HP—which is just about never—we make sure we get intel and let you know all about it. Recently, we heard about a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 with a supercharged LT4 V8 swap and wanted to get down to the bottom of it. Check Out These Videos!
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Chevrolet has nixed the Colorado Base trim from its mid-size pickup’s lineup, effectively raising the truck’s price for 2021. How? With the base $22,395 Colorado out, the Chevy‘s price of entry now starts at $26,395—the cost of a Colorado Work Truck, which is now the least-expensive Colorado model a…
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The 2020 AEV Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison takes the off-road truck you already knew was solid, and adds a studded crown of trail-worthy goodness—which should put it at the top of your wish list! What’s New on the 2020 AEV Bison 35-inch BFGoodrich KM3 mud-terrain tires HighMark fender flares for clearing…
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More on This Colorado’s Upgrades! Eliminating Sway Installing Kleinn Air Horns’ Biggest Train Horn Kit Install AMP Research Automatic Running Boards SDP’s Compound Turbos Make Loads of Power One of the most consistent things throughout the truck hobby  is the fact that most hardcore enthusiasts—espe…
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If this square body 1974 K10 Chevy Cheyenne truck looks familiar to you, that is for good reason. It’s been around, and more on that in a minute. The truck, owned by Matt Kime of Yucca Valley, California, has been building this truck through an evolutionary process of use/brake/upgrade/rinse and rep…
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