This episode: April fools, Jonathan Ward of ICON 4x4, and Precision Replacement Parts.
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On deck for this episode, we have Steve Sanders from Cummins Repower, a couple guys from ICON Vehicle Dynamics, and a review of the Jeep Gladiator.
27.04.2019 · From admin
Catch up on all the happenings from the 2019 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah!
25.04.2019 · From admin
Preparing a 2017 Wrangler for the 2019 Four Wheeler Overland Adventure with wheels, tires, and a coilover suspension.
23.04.2019 · From admin
We've just gotten back from driving the 2020 Jeep Gladiator on- and off-road, and it's every bit as good as we'd hoped it would be.
01.04.2019 · From admin
FCA will invest a whopping $4.5 billion in assembly, building a new plant in Detroit and adding production at five existing Michigan manufacturing facilities
26.02.2019 · From admin
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With the blue paint curing on most of our 1969 Bronco (Aug. 2019;, it’s time to move on to the next step in the process. There is no set formula for how things have to be assembled, so we are not exactly sure what that next step is, but there is a lot to
9 days ago · From admin
We show you the ins and outs of replacing several body panels on our 1969 Ford Bronco.
18.04.2019 · From admin
We talk about some of the things we learned while painting our first 4x4.
16.04.2019 · From admin
Jeff Van Den Hande’s 1997 Ranger and its cantilever suspension had us asking, “What the flex?”
11.04.2019 · From admin
We’re getting closer and closer to the reveal of the 2021 Ford Bronco, but it appears there might be a high-performance Ranger Raptor in our future as well!
05.04.2019 · From admin
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