The early and middle 1960s brought some of the most iconic four-wheel-drive sport utilities known to history. Not that we knew they were icons at the time. Nor did we know the name “sport utility” just yet, but the market was definitely broadening past bare-bones utility rigs. As people had more disposable income for outdoor
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Ken Brubaker’s Firing Order for July 2019 looks back at a relative’s 1972 K5 Blazer.
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Trail’s End for February 2019 looks back to Douglas Lee’s hand-built 1957 Chevy pickup with eye-catching bodywork and suicide doors.
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Three generations of the Huggins Family’s ’72 K5 Blazer.
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A Round-Fender Blazer With Cards Up Its Sleeve
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Wheeling, and specifically rockcrawling, are most popular in Western states. With an abundance of public land, 4×4 shops, and other people to go wheeling with, it is easy to see why. Derek Lasini lives in Chicago, so when it came time to build his 2001 Chevy Silverado he didn’t have the luxury of ch…
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There is no mistaking the ZR2 for just a merely mortal, run-of-the-mill Chevy Colorado, and other Colorado owners know it. As it turns out, so do Tacoma owners. From drive-thrus to fuel stops and freeways to parking lots, we’ve gotten lots of thumbs-ups and questions about our badass midsize wheeler…
24.05.2019 · From admin
Chevrolet is adding a V-8 engine option to its 2020 Silverado models. Chevrolet will add an optional 6.2L V-8 to the Trail Boss and RST trim levels, joining the LTZ and High Country, both of which have offered the bigger eight since the truck was redesigned for 2020. The V-8 engine will produce 420 …
23.05.2019 · From admin
Chevrolet is adding a V-8 engine option to its 2020 Silverado models. Chevrolet will add the 6.2L V-8 to the Trail Boss, High Country, and RST trim levels. The V-8 engine will produce 420 hp with 460 lb-ft of torque. The V-8 engine is mated to Chevrolet’s 10-speed automatic transmission. “The Trail …
23.05.2019 · From admin
Steady, driving rain was expected for the duration of the weekend, and it would turn into heavy snow in the higher elevations. Some may cancel plans because of this forecast, but ours were only just beginning. Sitting in our loading bay was not just any ’19 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2; it was the collabo…
11.05.2019 · From admin
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