Discovering the middle ground of expectations versus reality with our 2018 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury long-term test vehicle.
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We can’t recall a time when we had a more love/hate relationship with a long-term test vehicle. Let’s address the elephant in the room. This particular ’18 Land Rover Discovery was not without problems. In fact, it spent several weeks of our evaluation time at the dealership for various issues. But …
21.06.2019 · From admin
As a late holiday gift, Land Rover confirmed what we’ve long suspected today: The next-generation Defender will return to the U.S. and Canada in 2020.
27.12.2018 · From admin
The replacement for the legendary and long-running Land Rover Defender is right around the corner, probably arriving for the 2020 model year.
11.12.2018 · From admin
Getting all our 2018 Discovery’s problems out of the way in one fell update.
26.11.2018 · From admin
After eight years on the market, Land Rover will redesign the entry-level Range Rover, giving the 2020 Evoque a nip/tuck and lots of new technology.
23.11.2018 · From admin
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Typical car owners trade in their vehicle for a newer model, but not Brody Zink. After wheeling an XJ Cherokee for a few years, the Nevada firefighter set his sights on a full-size Jeep Wagoneer. “I saw this thing for sale on Facebook and went to check it out,” Brody recalls. “I made a deal
2 days ago · From admin
Keith Berkshire loves exploring in the desert, and he often brings his family along for camping in the wild. He owned a modified Jeep CJ-7 for years, but he’s had to get more creative when taking the entire family Jeeping. A few years back, Keith acquired this ’07 Wrangler and became the third owner…
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Yes, it’s here. And yes, it’s all Jeep. Make no mistake—this is truly the most capable midsize truck produced in America. Those may be bold words, but as far as a 4×4 goes, only the Gladiator offers front and rear locking diffs and 4:1 transfer case gearing options, as well as the option to become
7 days ago · From admin
We get a letter to the editor or a comment on one of our social media channels concerning the built versus bought debate on almost a daily basis. Some won’t have anything to do with the other, some express their distrust of the other, and some refuse to be seen in public with the other,
10 days ago · From admin
Young Dan Cressall’s father regaled him with stories about taking his early Ford Bronco off-road through mountain trails, so as a teen, Dan looked to his own two-by Toyota pickup to satisfy the same growing wanderlust. Yet he’d learn quickly that he’d need a 4×4 to take him farther down the trails l…
11 days ago · From admin
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